C250 800X 800 X 1000 Manhole

C250 800X 800 X 1000 manhole chamber / chamber

Size details :
  • Chamber length: 800mm
  • Chamber width: 60mm
  • Chamber height: 1000mm
  • Knock-out size: 263x110mm
  • Hole size: 178x110mm
  • Weight: 30.0kg

C250 800X 800 X Cover and Frame

Size details :
  • Size details :
  • Clear opening: 590mm
  • Cover thickness: 40mm
  • Cover size: 650mm
  • Frame height: 70mm
  • Frame size: 835x835mm
  • Weight (cover with frame): 52.6 kg

C250 800X 800 X cable tray

Size details :
  • Cable tray size: 250x250x164mm
  • Weight: 2.5kg

C250 800X 800 X Bottom

EN124 C250 Composite Manhole Cover  C/O 600mm Cover dia 650mm with  locking system

  • Innovative material improvements and structure performance, JM-MR102C1 High Loading
  • Composite Manhole Cover conforms to BS EN124  C250 Class and is suitable for gullytops installed  in the area of curbside channels of roads.
Load CapacityEN124 C250
Weight (both cover & frame) kg52.6 Kg
  • Special locking system with high safety and easy maintenance.
  • Hole make it easy to lift the cover with tools.
  • Customer Logo, Inscriptions and cover customized design service is supported.
  • Rubber sealing(additional cost as optional charge)reduce the vehicle passing noise and expend cover service life.
  • Various color options is available and Black or Grey are recommended.

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