2.0 Lockable SMC Composite Manhole Cover and Frame

Lockable SMC Composite Manhole Cover is made from sheet molding compound and design solely to improve workability and adapt to circumstances with theft and vandalism behavior.


  • SMC stands for Sheet Molding Compound.
  • It is composed of resin, fiberglass and other chemical polymer.
  • This is a raw material for mold pressing.


  • Flame Resistant – passed the control product safety standards such as UL94 flame rating.
  • Corrosion resistant – has undergone the same strict performance requirements of pumps among other underground appliances that are in contact with corrosive environments.
  • Electrical Insulators – has a dielectric attributes of supporting electrostatic fields.
  • Zero scrap value – burglar proof with next to nothing resale value; industry scrap metal reduced.
  • High strength to weight ratio compared to or with the heavy concrete manhole. Composite chambaer is quite lightweight and no need for extra large machinery assistance. One is enough to lift the chamber section.
  • The weight of composite lockable cover especially SMC lockable cover is lighter, so it is more convenient to transport, install and repair.
  • The minimum lifespan is 30 years free of maintainance


  • Color, logo, panel, loading and dimensions can be designed according to the requirements of customer.

  • Sheet Molding Compound made up of composite materials that have long life span – need little or no maintenance.
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